Following Bernhardt Wall : A Pictorial Biography of the Etcher of Books

Bernhardt Wall was an American artist who dedicated most of his life to following and documenting the lives of famous people in etched books. Most notably, over the course of ten years, Bernhardt Wall etched an 85-volume pictorial biography of Abraham Lincoln. His studies and travels led him to befriend many Lincolniana scholars and collectors, including those at Lincoln Memorial University. In fact, he was awarded the Lincoln Diploma of Honor from LMU in 1943 for his work on the 16th president.

The Abraham Lincoln Library and Museum currently has a large collection of Bernhardt Wall's artwork and correspondences. From this collection, it is clear that Bernhardt Wall did not only document the lives of those immortal men he admired, but also took great care and joy in capturing his own remarkable life. Following Bernhardt Wall: The Exhibit is a brief journey through the life of an artist who lived as a wanderer, a soldier, a scholar, and a husband, and saw it as his purpose "to bring sunshine to the world" for as long as he was able.

Exhibit created by Jamie Brinkman, Summer Internship 2013

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Following Bernhardt Wall