Dr. Harry Wood Channels Abraham Lincoln : Lincoln's Influence After Death

Dr. Harry Wood was one of the foremost observers of Abraham Lincoln's face and physical characteristics, translating those observations into unique art known world-wide.

Born in 1910 in Indianapolis, Indiana, Dr. Wood demonstrated at an early age his wide-ranging interests and creativity. In 1932, while majoring in journalism and art in college, he worked as a cartoonist for the Wisconsin Daily Cardinal.

During the next 63 years, Dr. Wood redefined the meaning of 'renaissance man', becoming proficient in painting, sculpting, writing, lecturing, play-writing and poetry. From 1955 to 1957, while he was Professor of Art and Chairman of the Art Department at Arizona State University, he was also the 2nd bassoonist for the Phoenix Symphony Orchestra.

In 1970 Dr. Wood published his best-known work, "The Faces of Abraham Lincoln", a collection of Wood's paintings, sculptures, drawings and photomontages of Lincoln created during the previous 40 years.

When Dr. Wood died in 1995, his family contacted the Abraham Lincoln Library and Museum, wishing to donate several of his major paintings and collages. Naturally, we said Yes! However, not only did we become the proud recipient of his art, we also collected and preserved his personal files. These files offer a unique perspective into the mind of Dr. Wood, illuminating his creative process, wide-ranging intellect and witty sense of humor.

In early 1970 Dr. Wood may have contemplated contacting Playboy Magazine to publish a series of letters Abraham Lincoln wrote, from the Celestial Plain, to historical figures. Some of these figures were currently living on earth, and some also resided in the Celestial Realm. The letters were ethereally transmitted to Dr. Wood, who took care of manifestation and physical distribution. The items that follow are a sampling of these letters, placed in their historical context.

Biographical information and most photos were retrieved from Wikipedia.

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Dr. Harry Wood Channels Abraham Lincoln