Hall of Holography Collection - Timing is Everything

The Hall of Holography Collection was established at Lincoln Memorial University in October 1934 by Dr. John Wesley Hill, Chancellor of the University. The nucleus of the collection was a gift from Dr. Thomas F. Madigan, who had spent over 20 years collecting and selling autographs. After Dr. Hill's death, Dr. Robert Stanley McCordock, of the Department of History and Citizenship, took responsibility for the collection and its expansion, assisted for several years by Audrey Coulter, class of 1939. Under Dr. McCordock's leadership the collection grew to include items from over 1300 people, all of whom were identified and contacted without today's convenience of the Internet.

The Collection was greatly expanded between 1935 and 1944, during one of the most stressful periods in human history - World War II. Although the collection started well before political tensions would be at the forefront of everyday news, it is to Professor McCordock's credit that the Hall of Holography project persevered during the war years. This perseverance resulted in an incredibly rich panorama of participants willing to pull themselves out of world events in order to spend a few minutes responding to a history professor in Tennessee. For some, their correspondence with LMU would be among the last they would have in their exalted positions; for others, some of the last before their untimely death.

Biographical information was retrieved from Wikipedia and other online sources. Every effort has been made to translate/transcribe letters in this exhibit. However, a select few were beyond our capabilities.

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Hall of Holography Collection - Timing is Everything