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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there academic support for subjects that my son or daughter might need support? Where does one go for support?

There are a variety of places on campus to find support. Students can ask their professors or advisors for assistance, work in study groups or with tutors. The Tagge Center for Academic Support, located on the first floor of the Harold M. Finley Learning Resources Center (library), is available to all students. Students will find tutors and computers in the Tagge Center. These services are free to LMU students; however, the student must take the responsibility and the effort to use the services provided. Visit Tagge Center for additional information.

Are there services for students with disabilities? Where does a student go for this type of support and what is needed to receive the support needed from success?

Services are coordinated through the Office of Accessible Education Services, located at Duke Hall Suite 202.  Additional information is available at Office of Accessible Education Services.

Explain the registration process.

During a student's first semester at LMU, registration consists of advising, completing a registration form and having the schedule placed in the computer by the registrar. Registration is complete when the student has processed the registration form through the Finance Office and has received the completed PINK copy of the registration form stamped Registration Complete. This PINK form should be carried the first two weeks of school.

Subsequent semesters, the student generally registers online through WebAdvisor.

How can students access grades, schedules and financial aid information?

LMU students have access to official student records through WebAdvisor. Information includes class schedules, mid-term and final grades, transcripts, advisor contact and financial data. Grades are not sent in the mail.

How much money should my son or daughter need on a weekly basis while at LMU?

Communicate with the student the amount of money that is affordable and the amount of money the student is to contribute. Students are introduced to financial responsibilities in a variety of ways. Some keep a daily expense record for a few months to arrive at a monthly need. Still other students receive a lump sum of money at the beginning of each semester and the student is responsible for their own financial management. Others find work either on campus or in the community and provide their own spending money. Things to consider are laundry costs, eating off campus, bookstore clothing and off-campus entertainment such as the movies.

Will I be notified of my son's/daughter's grades or any disciplinary problems?

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a federal law designed to protect the privacy of a student's educational records. For your convenience, an LMU FERPA form is available in the three-ring binders given to each new student during orientations. Please give the signed FERPA forms to the dean of students to be filed in his office. More information about FERPA can be found here.

Does LMU provide counseling services for students?

Students have access to confidential mental health counseling and care.  The staff of LMU Office of Mental Health Counseling help current studetns overcome the personal, career, and academic concedrns that often stand in the way of them reaching their full potential.  The office operates as the primary mental health service for undergraduate, graduate, and professional students enrolled at the University. More information on mental health counseling and services can be located at LMU Office of Mental Health Counseling.

Which cell phone services are available in Harrogate?

AT& T and Verizon have sufficient cell phone coverage in the Harrogate areal. AT& T service is more prominent in Harrogate's border city of Middlesboro, Kentucky, while Verizon is more prominent in Harrogate's border city of Ewing, Virginia.

How does my student learn about campus emergencies?

The text message and email alerts are for emergencies only and provided by e2 Campus. Students must choose to opt into this service. Depending on the emergency, they may also be notified by building alarms and other traditional means of communicating important information.

Does LMU offer health insurance coverage for my student?

Lincoln Memorial University requires all undergraduate and master's level students taking six or more credit hours to carry health insurance coverage. Students may provide proof of their own insurance that is equivalent to the coverage of the LMU plan and waive the cost of insurance or subscribe to the LMU plan. Insurance waivers are required each year. Contact the Office of Student Services for deadlines to waive insurance and also to understand what appropriate documents are required to waive the University insurance.

Where can my student go if he/she is ill?

The students at Lincoln Memorial University are fortunate to have a private medical care facility located across the street from the Harrogate campus and a second location just minutes away in Tazewell. Both are easily accessible to students and staff.  For more information, visit University Medical Clinic.

What activities are sponsored for students?

There are a variety of extracurricular activities at LMU in which to get involved. There is an abundance of special events (karaoke, hikes, cultural programs, cookouts, movies and name a few!), intramurals, high adventure activities, Greek Life, and clubs/organizations, a great fitness center and LMU pool.

What food services are provided at LMU?

Chartwells Campus Services provides food services to LMU students. All students living in campus residence halls are required to participate in one of the meal plans offered. Only married students or students with children are exempt from a meal plan.

What type of career services does Lincoln Memorial University offer?

The Office of Career Services is dedicated to implementing career related programs and services for Lincoln Memorial University students and alumni. These services include relevant personal experiences that provide students and alumni with an understanding of themselves and the world around them as they engage in their search for worthwhile, community-impacting careers. Additional information on the career services can be found at LMU Office of Career Services.

What security is offered on campus?

Lincoln Memorial University provides 24-hour security personnel and supervision for the entire campus in accordance with LMU standards and policies and the State of Tennessee certification requirements.


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