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The following resources are available to LMU students, staff, and faculty.  For more information about any of these resources, or to schedule one of the following workshops for your class or organization, please email [email protected]


  • Allies Project Workshop  
  • Cultural Competency 101 
  • Anti-Discrimination & Harrassment
  • Cultural Sensitivity for Future Healthcare Providers 
  • Diversity in Veterinary Medicine Careers 
  • Inclusive Language 
  • Understanding Implicit Bias 
  • Understanding Microaggressions 
  • Customized Workshops 


  • "A Time for Justice" - Depicts the battle for civil rights as told by its foot soldiers.  They rode where they weren't supposed to ride; walked where they weren't supposed to walk; sat where they weren't supposed to sit.  And they stood their ground until they won their freedom. 
  • "Bullied" - This is the story of Jamie Nabozy. His ordeal began in 6th grade and only got worse in high school.  But Jamie decided to take a stand - against the bullying he endured and the bullying that he knew other students endured. He went to court and fought for the right to be safe at school, even if you are gay. This inspiring story offers hope for the millions of gay and lesbian students who still don't feel safe at school. 
  • "Including Samuel" -  Photojournalist Dan Habib documents his family's efforts to include his son, Samuel, who has cerebral palsy, in every facet of their lives. An honest portrayal of the cultural and systemic barriers to inclusion for those with disabilities, this film also includes an educational kit. 
  • "Malala" - Tells the remarkable true story of teenager Malala Yousafzai, who was attacked by Taliban gunmen in Pakistan for advocating for girls' education. 
  • "Selma: The Bridge to the Ballot" - The story of a courageous group of Alabama students and teachers who, along with other activists, fought a nonviolent battle to win voting rights for African Americans in the South. 
  • "Viva La Causa" - Tells the story of how the powerless stood up to the powerful and gained their victory, not by violence and weapons, but by their strong will. 



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