Lincoln Memorial University

Dawson Hall



Graduate students wishing to reside in university housing may choose to apply for Dawson Hall. Dawson Hall houses Graduate Students and is located in The Village, a close walk from The Math and Science, Business Education and DCOM buildings. There are one-bedroom apartments and two-bedroom apartments available.

The one-bedroom apartments are the perfect space for married graduates. It provides a private space and the convenience of being on main campus. These apartments come standard with a queen bed, dresser, desk, and desk chair in the bedroom, a full kitchen containing a refrigerator, stove, and microwave, and a living room complete with TV stand, coffee table, end table, couch, and chair. Each apartment also includes a private bathroom and washer and dryer.

The two-bedroom apartments are a great space for students who enjoy the convenience of living on campus and want additional space. Two bedroom units can only be assigned to one resident and cannot be subletted or shared. Both bedrooms contain a full bed, a dresser, desk, and desk chair. 


Dawson Living Room         Dawson          Dawson

Each apartment contains       The smaller bedroom is           The larger bedroom 

a living room with couch,       perfect as an office or              also has a dresser and

chair, bar with stools, table    separate workspace.                night stand, but offers 

and entertainment center.                                                         more space.


           Dawson                                       Dawson

           The bathroom is situated                                      The kitchen has an 

          between the two bedrooms.                                  oven/stovetop, microwave,

                                                                                             and refrigerator.







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