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Lincoln Memorial University offers a quality education at an affordable price. Nearly 90 percent of LMU undergraduate students receive some type of financial assistance through a combination of scholarships and need-based financial aid. For many students, the individual cost to attend LMU is less than the cost associated with state schools.

We are committed to providing financial assistance to every eligible student. Financial aid programs are designed to meet the difference between the family's expected contribution and the cost of attending LMU. The specific type of financial aid awarded to a student depends on the individual's demonstrated financial need and academic qualifications.


Your education is one of the most important investments you will ever make. Careful planning and fiscal management are essential so that you can meet your future obligations.  Below is the cost of attendance for our undergraduate programs.  The cost of attendance includes direct (billable) and indirect (non-billable) costs associated with enrollment.  The amounts are estimates used for budgeting purposes and in determining eligibility for financial aid.


Undergraduate Programs - Cost of Attendance for 2019-2020

There are specific procedures you need to follow and lots of definitions you should know. Please visit all sections of our website to be sure you make the most of the funds available to you.

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