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Medical Education

The DMS curriculum is a professional medical education didactic program resulting in a Doctor of Medical Science (DMS) degree.

A physician assistant must be skilled in problem-solving and demonstrate expertise in diagnosis. The DMS curriculum will advance the students’ medical knowledge, and provide an opportunity for students to collaborate with medical experts for the advancement of problem-solving skills and diagnosis. The emphasis will be on educating clinicians to address primary care medicine in all health care settings and will employ the distinctive medical model for the maintenance of health and treatment of disease.

The student can opt to focus his/her medical education in the study of Primary Care Medicine, Internal Medicine, or Emergency Medicine. The offering of the Emergency Medicine and Internal Medicine options are contingent on enrollment numbers. 


Medical Specialties:

Primary Care Medicine; Internal Medicine; Emergency Medicine


Medical Subspecialties:

Neurology; Psychiatry; Pulmonology; Nephrology; Cardiology; Endocrinology; Hematology; Gastroenterology; Infectious Disease


All medical specialties and subspecialties courses are taught by board certified,
experienced medical experts with multiple years of experience in their field. 


Clinical Medicine Curriculum Map

Medical Education Curriculum Map

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