Lincoln Memorial University

School of Education

The Carter & Moyers School of Education prepares and mentors professional educators of distinction, whether they be teachers, administrators, or other school professionals inculcated with the Lincoln Memorial University core ideals of Values, Education, and Service to make a positive impact on this generation and the next. The Carter and Moyers School of Education of Lincoln Memorial University is dedicated to preparing professional educators of distinction who embody the three core ideals of Values, Education, and Service in candidates who:

  • Demonstrate the dispositions of the education profession. (Values) articulate and demonstrate the knowledge base of moral, social and political dimensions, which will impact individual students, schools, districts, and communities for the enrichment of society. (Values)
  • Demonstrate the teaching skills and learning strategies acquired through rigorous academic studies and active engagement in real life classroom experiences while involved in field and clinical placement in partner P-12 Schools. (Education)
  • Promote lifelong learning through continued professional development and scholarship. (Education)
  • Assist in meeting the educational needs of a global society, especially the underserved. (Service)
  • Articulate an understanding that all students can learn as well as demonstrate the dispositions to serve and teach diverse student populations. (Service) 


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