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Topics covered in the Geography minor

Global weather patterns

Extreme natural events such as volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, tornadoes, and hurricanes

Geographies of health

Food and agriculture

Urban and development

Political geographies including international relations and struggles over identity

Environmental geographies with a focus on such topics contests over water resources, air quality, and energy consumption

Relevance to current global issues

Geography is quite useful for understanding what goes on in the world. Places vary greatly in climate, resources, and cultural views, but even places that are far from each other share numerous commonalities. To understand the world, it is important to learn how people and places are interconnected. Events such as wars, cultural shifts, natural disasters, and economic crises do not just happen, but are influenced by numerous circumstances. Geography explores such issues while at the same time celebrating the ways people live their everyday lives.

Applications in the Workplace

Geographical knowledge can provide skills to improve endeavors in numerous fields. For example, geography helps educators teach students about the world around them. Environmental workers benefit from the geographical concept that people and places are connected. Geography provides depth teaching social science, humanities, and natural science curriculums. Healthcare workers benefit from geography by understanding the unevenness of health and disease, and the health needs of local communities. Geography helps business leaders to effectively create, and market new products and services. These are just a few of the ways geography employment aspirations of the LMU student body.


Select 18 credit hours from the following:

GEOG 100 Introduction to Geography 3

GEOG 110 World Regional Geography 3

GEOG 120 Introduction to Physical Geography: Plant Earth 4

GEOG 211 Introduction to Human Geography 3

GEOG 300 Environmental Geography 3

GEOG 350 Geography of Religion 3

GEOG 440 Geography of Appalachia 3

GEOG 496 Independent Study in Geography 1-6

GEOG 498 Internship 1-6


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