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Research Faculty



Anderson, Stacy (Equine Colic and Inflammatory Disease, Surgical Treatment of Colic, Veterinary Education and Innovation)

Asciutto, Matthew (CIVET Fellowship)

Chapman, Seth (Pathology)

Christmann, Undine (Lung Surfactant and Equine Respiratory Disease, Teaching Methods)

Concha-Albornoz, Ismael (Scientific Illustrations, Anatomical Techniques, Plastination of Anatomical Specimens

DeBolt, Rebekah 

Ebner, Lisa (Acupuncture, Analgesia, Anesthesia, Pharmocokinetics)

Evans, Randall 

Faulkner, Charles (Parasitology)

Faulkner, Vina (Parasitology, Epidemiology)

Gibbons, Philippa 

Gruszynski, Karen  (Epidemiology)

Henry, Robert (Anatomical Techniques, Plastination of Anatomical Specimens)

Hoffsis, Glen 

Johnson, Elizabeth (Veterinary Education and Innovation, Student Wellness and Outcome Assessment)

Johnson, Jason (Economics of Health and Disease in Appalachia, One Health)

Johnson, Jennifer (Veterinary Education and Innovation)

Kitts-Morgan, Beth (Nutrition)

Kelly, Christopher (Veterinary Education, Simulation, One Health)

Lembcke, Luis

Miller, Lynda (Theriogenology)

Muir, William (Physiology)

Nader, Paul (Plastination of Anatomical Specimens, Wildlife/Zoological Medicine, Comparative Anatomy, One Health)

Nahar, Vinayak (Public Health, One Health)

Patterson, Gilbert (CAHA Program Manager and Principal Researcher)

Perkins, Jamie (Veterinary Education and Innovation)

Pfent, Catherine (Cancer Research)

Phillips, Jeffrey (Cancer Research)

Pierce, Bess (Canine Sports Medicine, Human Animal Bond Subjects)

Pierce, Rebecca (Large Animal Infectious Disease, Large Animal Gastrointestinal Disease & Surgery, Wound Healing, The Human Animal Bond, Veterinary Education & Innovation)

Pulliam, Dustin

Roberson, Jerry (Mastitis, Ruminant Disease and Health)

Robertson, Stanley (Evidence-based Medicine and Informatics, Public Health)

Rowe, Joshua (Plastination of Anatomical Specimens, Innovation in Anatomy Education, Imaging)

Russell, Ashley

Schmidt, Paul  (One Health, Small Animal Dentistry)

Spangler, Dawn (Shelter Medicine)

Stonerook, Michael (Physiology, Toxicology)

Thompson, R. Randall(Public Health, Veterinary Education and Innovation)

Verma, Ashutosh (Infectious Disease)

Vroegindewey, Gary (One Health)

Williamson, Julie (Veterinary Education and Innovation, Model Simulation)

Wood, Paul (Lipidomics)


DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine 

Dudzik, Beatrix (Biological Anthopology, Radiographic Anatomy, Clinical Imaging)

Fairley, Stacie (Molecular Fundamentals of Medicine)

Gromley, Adam (Life Science, Biomedical Sciences)

Gromley, Zeynep (Biochemistry, Life Science)

Henderson, Melissa (Biochemistry, Genomics)

Hermey, Donna (Medical Gross Anatomy, Cell Biology)

Kolatorowicz, Adam (Anatomy, Life Science)

Palazzolo, Dominic (Medical Physiology)

Quadri, Syed (Medical Basic Pharmacology)

Thompson, Brent (Histology)


Math and Science 

Fowler, Jason (Biochemistry)

Hall, Julie (Biology, Life Science, Genetics)

Hoellman, John (Life Science, Microbiology)

Jarstfer, Amiel (Life Science, Plant Pathology, Biology)

Kunigelis, Stan (Microscopic Imaging, Biology)

Rollins, Adam (Biology)