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Poster Presentations

A canine prostate palpation model: from protoype to a great teaching and assessment tool; A. Annandale & L. Kok

A teaching tip: impementation of "species circuits" in the veterinary skills laboratory; A. Annandale, L. Kitshoff & E. Scheepers

Assessing the impact of VIN's computer assisted learning tools on student performance; M. Balogh

Augmented reality canine heart; T. Alavi

Bladder boxes: low-fidelity urinary bladder and prostate models for preclinical students; I. Lane

Collaboration between two veterinary schools: developing a simulated otoscopy clinical skills laboratory to promote self-regulated learning; J. Johnson & A. Taylor

Computer assisted learning: assessment of the veterinary virtual anatomy education software IVALA: B. Little

CPR and client communication training with manikins and simulations: does repitition enhance confidence or competence?; L. McNeil

Creation and validation of a bovine castration model; S. Anderson

Cutting the cheese: an economic approach to teaching wound management using personal pizzas; K. Cooley

Cystocentesis: development of a low cost model; J.L. Ciappesoni

Deconstructing tasks for suture skills training: instrument handling; G. Druley

Determination of the effectiveness of the use of an equine rectal palpation simulation model for improving the confidence of veterinary students when palpating live horses; C. Johnson, K. McCormick, M. McCracken

Development and construction of a multi-use bovine tail model; M. Preston

Development of a feline urethral obstruction teaching model; L. Ramirez, M. Preston, K. Carney, J. Williamson, & S. Anderson

Development of an interactive ibook for canine musculoskeletal anatomy dissection; M. Addison

Development of an ovine Buhner suture model; L. Kok

Effectiveness of 3 different instructional methods to achieve personal protective equipment protocol adherence in veterinary students; U. Christmann

Effectiveness of a high intensity one-week training program on the bovine trans-rectal palpation skills of veterinary skills; A. Anndale, C. May, M. Leek & D. Holm 

Healthy animals/safe food: a comprehensive web-based educational tool to enhance food safety safety training of veterinary medical students; A. Rashmir

Low fidelity simulators for mucosal flaps on the hard palate and gingiva of dogs; J.L. Ciappesoni

Mobile-based augemented-reality, VIN

Not just a pretty snout-a piglet model for handling, intramuscular injection and tail docking; A. Annandale, L. Botha & L. Kok

Performance, comfort level, and confidence in novice veterinary students after training on a bovine paravertebral nerve block model; J. Roberts

Second life virtual learning environment enhances nursing and veterinary student inter-professional development; M. Mauldin Pereira

Teaching and practicing clinical skills: evidence-based recommendations; S. Spence

The Bovine PD Improvement Exercise App: A novel approach to improve bovine trans-rectal palpation (TRP) and pregnancy diagnosis (PD) skills; A. Annandale & D. Holm

The mini-cow palpation box: a teaching tip; A. Annandale & D. Holm

Uptake and feedback on a series of clinical skills instruction booklets made freely available under a creative commons license; S. Baillie

Using pressure sensor technology to improve bovine trans-rectal palpation training: Development of the "pressure sensor glove"; A. Annandale