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Application Process

When is the VMCAS Deadline? What is the deadline for your supplemental application?
  • The deadline for both the VMCAS application and the LMU-CVM Supplemental application is September 17, 2019 at 11:59 PM EST.
Does LMU-CVM show favoritism to state residents?
  • No. As a private, non-profit university, LMU-CVM does not differentiate in the tuition fee or the number of seats available based upon your state of residency.
When are admissions decisions made?
  • Applicants who are interviewed will receive a decision from the Admissions Committee in March.
What does the Admission Committee use as criteria in the selection of students to admit to the DVM program?
  • All applicants to the LMU-CVM are evaluated based on a holistic review of their academic and non-cognitive characteristics. Additional information can be found here: Application Process.