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Master of Science in Business Analytics

*We are no longer accepting MSBA applications for Fall 2019 at this time.


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Program Mission and Objectives

The mission of the MSBA program is to develop students who can demonstrate a proven ability to create value-added solutions to important business challenges by;

  • Significantly growing their ability to be critical thinkers through the application of the scientific method
  • Preparing them with a wide variety of data analysis skills
  • Providing the necessary mathematical and statistical foundational skills to analyze data in unique situations
  • Enabling them to acquire data from a diverse population of digital storage systems
  • Instilling their ability to effectively work in a team environment
  • Enhancing their skills to effectively communicate analytical results to business managers

Anticipated Program Attributes

  • Flexible scheduling to accommodate working professionals
  • A comprehensive 36 credit hour program
  • Up to 6 hours may be waived based the student’s prior educational experience*
  • Potential Internships for those not professionally employed
  • Relationships with regional employers for data, cases, internships and job placement
  • Courses will be a mix of flipped-traditional, hybrid and on-line courses
  • Tuition is currently estimated at $19,080 for the program with no additional charge for out-of-state students

Program Location

The program is located at LMU's Cedar Bluff site.

*Please note that deficiencies in a student’s academic experience may alter their graduate curriculum and may require additional hours to successfully complete this major.

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