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 Mission and Purpose:

The Dr. Robert L. Kincaid Endowed Research Center promotes the scholarly study and public understanding of the influence created by the Judeo-Christian Ethic upon the era and the legacy of Abraham Lincoln.

Lincoln Memorial University is proud to announce the establishment of the Dr. Robert L. Kincaid Endowed Research Center at Lincoln Memorial University. This Center is made possible through a generous endowment contribution.

Dr. Robert L. Kincaid served as President of Lincoln Memorial University from 1947 to 1958. His tremendous commitment to the expansion of the Abraham Lincoln collection continues to serve as an enduring legacy that inspires students, researchers and many visitors to campus throughout the year.

The Dr. Robert L. Kincaid Endowed Research Center will provide resources that will enable scholars and students the freedom to explore the role and importance of Judeo-Christian Ethics in the life of Lincoln, and in the larger political and social context in which he lived.

This support will also make possible the renovation of a gallery at the Abraham Lincoln Library& Museum, featuring items added to the collection during Dr. Kincaid’s presidency. In addition, the gift will support renovation of research facilities and ongoing scholarship, as well as additions to the Museum’s collections.

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